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 [VindictusEU] The Rules

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[VindictusEU] The Rules Empty
PostSubject: [VindictusEU] The Rules   [VindictusEU] The Rules EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 3:13 am

There are rules and you will have to follow them like anyone else.

1. No racism - It's obvious, do not do it everyone is equal.

2. No cursing - I don't want the forums to be ruined by people cursing.

3. No pornographic content - There may be minors here and besides that Vindictus has nothing to do with it. There is, however an 18+ section.

4. If the Closed Beta will be released do NOT ask for beta keys.

5. This is a forum for VindictusEU so do not talk about how to acces VindictusNA through proxies. You will be instantly banned.

6. No advertising - Any thread found that advertises for another forum will be deleted.

7. No spamming - It is not necessary to spam the whole forums to get your postcount up. Postcount will not get you anywhere.

8. Do not post any hacks related to any game - There are other forums for that. And may I remind point 6? Use the PM system to achieve them.

9. Search before posting - There might be a thread already that contains the information you are looking for.

10. Enough seriousness, let's have fun on this forum.
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[VindictusEU] The Rules
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